7 Tarot Card Reading Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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If you have ever thought about getting a tarot card reading, you probably have many questions and perceptions about the service. I’m here to tell you that some of those may not necessarily be the way things go down in reality. I had similar misconceptions before getting into this line of work, and look where I am now! Below are some common myths and corresponding facts beyond the closed curtains of a tarot card reading.

MYTH: The Tarot can predict your future.
FACT: The Tarot can suggest possible trajectories of your journey or outcome of a situation depending on your current energy or feelings about it.

Not all tarot card readings are predictive. In many ways, they are used for energetic readings. An energetic reading is seeing your feelings, thoughts, and hopes or fears about a certain situation through the cards. Think of it as a mirror to your soul. In the simplest terms, you get possible outcomes based on how you feel or think about your question.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface. The cards may also reveal hidden issues that you have swept under the rug, or empower and remind you that you have the tools to manifest your dream to reality. The catch is, none of what the Tarot says will ever come true if you don’t do your work too. So if you receive good news, that’s not a license to slack off—it’s merely a good sign to keep pushing with what you’re doing. And if you see some negative messages, it’s a wake-up call to change the way you’re doing things so you don’t fall into the trap of that ending.

In cases where the Tarot does predict the future, it’s because the reader is a psychic. (I am not.) Luckily, you don’t have to be a psychic to read the cards. It takes intuition and a spiritual connection—something all of us have!

MYTH: I can ask the Tarot about someone else’s feelings about me.
FACT: You can ask the person what they feel about you. ☺️

Many people ask for a tarot card reading to find out how their boo feels about them. I personally decline these requests and encourage the querent (client) to center the question on themselves. Instead of, “Does ____ like me?” go for something like, “What can I do to attract love in my life?” or “What can I do to fix my relationship?”

Think of it this way: If you ask about someone else’s feelings during your reading (assuming that I agree), it’s like I’m snooping on his or her energy, thoughts, and feelings without their consent. Plus, your hopeful energy can influence the reading and reveal a positive answer, or you might be too doubtful, so it’ll turn up in the negative.

My advice? The best way to know if someone likes you or not is to talk to them. Feelings change all the time, and love is complex—it will always be that way, even to the cards.

Woman giving a tarot card reading to a client

MYTH: Tarot is the work of the devil.
FACT: Tarot card readings are a tool for self-reflection and understanding—that’s nowhere near dark magic!

I’ve heard this one a lot. I’m not sure how the Tarot got linked to the devil besides the fact that there’s a Devil card in the deck. Getting this card does not mean that the devil is present during the session—it’s more about releasing negative patterns that may have been holding you back. In any case, the modern Tarot stemmed from divination cards from the 14th century and didn’t have anything to do with signing a pact with ~the devil.~

MYTH: The Tarot will clash against my religion.
FACT: Tarot isn’t religious—it’s deeply spiritual. We are not invoking the presence of any entity during a reading.

Continuing from the misconception above, I believe Tarot and any religion can mutually exist.

You are certainly not worshipping another higher being by getting a tarot card reading, and the cards are in no way manipulating you to do something that would cause harm to yourself or other people. It’s a tool to look at yourself and scrutinize all the tiny details so you can find clarity and direction to do the things that make you happy.

If anything, the Tarot can enrich your faith. These are also signs and messages from your guardian angels, spirit guides, or whoever god you believe in. And as a reader, I honor and respect all faiths from all walks of life.

In cases where the Tarot is able to communicate with deceased loved ones, it’s because the reader is a medium. (I am not.) Most of the time, the Tarot doesn’t have to be involved in this practice.

MYTH: Getting the Death card means literal death.
FACT: The Death card is about internal transformation (and can even be a good thing!).

Similar to The Devil, The Death card is not something you should take literally in a tarot card reading. Personally, it’s one of my favorite cards in the deck. It talks about inner transformation, a change for the better, and even rebirth. The quote, “When one door closes, another one opens.” applies to this card. You’re approaching the end of a cycle, and new things are ahead!

To give you further peace of mind, (good) Tarot readers won’t tell you when you’re going to die. That’s too much power, in my opinion, and we’re not gods. We’re not supposed to be handing out that information like it’s a fact, and I can’t imagine that knowledge of something like that would ever bring someone peace or clarity. I don’t even know when that’s going to happen for me—much less for anyone else!

Woman with hands over a tarot deck

MYTH: The Tarot can answer yes or no questions.
FACT: It’s really much better to ask open-ended questions that are open to possibilities.

Technically, the Tarot has yes and no cards in the deck. But to get a clearer reading of the situation, it’s much better to ask open-ended questions that can discuss possibilities. Getting a tarot card reading is really a lot like getting to know yourself. You won’t be able to look deep into the mirror of your soul if you just get your quick yes or no and call it a day.

There’s also the crucial aspect of free will at play. I know that sometimes, it would be much easier if we were just told what to do to avoid problems or conflict in life. But how would we grow and learn this way? We evolve as human beings through the decisions we make every day, and by completely surrendering to what the cards have to say, you give up your free will in the process.

I’ll take time to say here that you absolutely do not have to follow any suggestions or instructions the cards say to you. It’s your life, after all! Take what you will with the messages given, and put in the work to manifest the life you want to live.

MYTH: The Tarot is just like the movies.
FACT: The Tarot is way less froufrou, intimidating, or eerie.

Tarot readers don’t really wear boho dresses and a head wrap, and not all have a crystal ball in front of them every time they read. Like everything in the movies, this is a fictionalized and overproduced version of what happens in real life.

A tarot card reading is actually straightforward. You book a session, ask your question, the cards come up, and the reader discusses what they mean. In my case, I seal my sessions with Reiki for protective and healing energy in the sessions. Other readers have their own techniques and flair. Before you come to a reading, I invite you to have an open mind and empty your cup with previous notions that the media has fed us about the service.

Getting a Tarot Card Reading Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Whenever I read for myself, things tend to be spot on because I surrender my energy to the reading and have faith and trust that the Universe will reveal messages that I am meant to hear. I want to spread this good energy to those who want to get a tarot card reading with me. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we are in charge of bettering our lives.

I hope this clears things up about how a tarot card reading goes! If you need more clarity, you can ask away in the comments below. ☺️

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