I Took an Online Yoga Teacher Training. Here’s What I Think.

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I never really considered online yoga teacher training before. I always thought that there was nothing better than having it in person with an instructor and your classmates, and I always knew I wanted to have it all in one go (aka intensive versus spread over weekends). I guess after sitting with my YTT for a few months, coupled with the sadness of isolation, I started to feel inadequate and unprepared for navigating the new normal as a yoga teacher.

Heart Opener Yoga

In some ways, this blog’s rebirth was because I wanted to write about my yoga teacher training experience in Bali last March 2020. I wrote that post two weeks after I got back, and little did I know that I would be in for a long, bleak year with lockdowns being the star of the show.

Our training ended five days earlier than it should have, and while we learned all the theories in class (philosophy, mantras, anatomy, and more), I felt like we missed out on teaching practice and being coached by our mentors and classmates. It also took a lot of energy to absorb the training when you’re away from home with a pandemic currently brewing. It took a toll on me afterward, and I discovered I didn’t want to teach yet.

My anxiety, along with a negative story I allowed myself to believe, made me think that maybe this just wasn’t my path. But I really love this practice, even more than the physical aspect, and I was determined to understand it better. This is how I decided to reclaim my experience and do a “refresher” online—knowing full well that there were going to be new things I’d learn.

Choosing an Online Yoga Teacher Training School

I researched less for this than I did for my onsite YTT. It took me a few weeks or almost a month to zero in on options that spoke to me. I had just enrolled in an American school when suddenly, I got hit by an ad from House of Om. I saw their program, read through their website, and decided to join an info session that was luckily happening in five minutes! I then decided to forfeit my enrollment in the previous school (they had a money-back guarantee) and went with my heart to this Bali yoga school. And I’m SO GLAD I did because I can honestly say I made the right decision!

Online Yoga Teacher Training with House of Om
House of Om 200 HR Online Yoga Teacher Training

Here’s what I love about them:

  • Their modules mirror a full day in their onsite training. That means there’s pranayama, asana, philosophy, anatomy, Nidra, and guided meditations every day. I love how they were able to replicate that schedule that I loved from Power of Now Oasis. I feel like this might be a Bali yoga school thing, and it’s the style that resonates with me.
  • They filmed a mixture of new videos specifically for the course and some onsite training workshops from their previous batches. They’re also working on updating some of these videos.
  • Their support team replies fairly quickly. You can ask anything in the comments section, and you will get a reply in a week.
  • You get a partner teacher and classmates from your timezone! I love this so much. It’s like having a virtual study group, and you can opt to be as responsive as you like.
  • They have teaching homework which I appreciate. It’s not mandatory to graduate, but if you need that extra push in teaching, it’s all there.
  • I love their applied anatomy classes. This is probably one thing I honestly wanted to get more out of in my PONO training, as I mentioned in an earlier review, so I’m enjoying the newfound knowledge.
  • It’s reasonably priced at $299, with this amount doubling as a deposit if you want to go to Bali for the real thing. (I am honestly contemplating this once things are back to normal, because why not?!)

I’m happy that I got my money and time’s worth with this online yoga teacher training. I believe I was meant to discover it to aid me in my healing journey too.

Why I’m Training Again

I will never forget what my lead trainer in the Power of Now Oasis YTT told us: He did his yoga training six times. And all of that was for his 200HR certificate! While I’m not aspiring to break his record, I did realize the value of being exposed to different schools of thought. The more you open yourself to different teachers, the more you know about the practice, and that’s what makes me feel giddy about this decision.

Headstand Yoga

I’ve done 90% of my yoga practice in a local yoga studio here at home, and I love them so much. Most of my teachers have become my friends, mentors, and confidants—I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world. For these same reasons, I shied away from trying other studios and teachers in the Philippines. Those teachers even graduated from the same yoga school—a testament to how great the school is, but a reflection of how “sheltered” I was in terms of yoga knowledge.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with favoring a style. I love my teachers, and they shaped me to be the yogi I am today. But to be able to teach, I have to draw from my experiences too and go on a journey of self-exploration that only I know. This excites (and terrifies) me, but it’s also authentically me.

Why Take an Online Yoga Teacher Training?

The pandemic has certainly changed the behavior of many. I’m not even sure when studios can safely reopen, and how trusting people will be once that time comes. I want to be able to adapt by learning both online and offline teaching styles, which can be handy to me wherever I am and whatever happens.

Observing how my teachers in House of Om communicate their lessons online clues me in on great things I can apply to my technique, too, should I ever decide to teach. But more than ever, I just wanted to revel in the practice and do things at my own pace—a stark difference from hurriedly leaving Bali last time around because of COVID-19. It was a wild ride.

Do I recommend Online Yoga Teacher Training?

I do have to say that I probably wouldn’t have considered doing this if I didn’t already have my initial certification. I just wanted to beef up my knowledge and heal this part of myself that was let down by the pandemic. For me, this journey is fulfilling that purpose. So if you’re thinking of doing the same thing, I’m inviting you to ask yourself why. 🙂

Overall, I’m 1000% glad that I did this. And if you find yourself resonating with a lot of what I said, then maybe it’s something worth for you to discover too. Yoga is a deeply personal practice, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. If you find yourself looking for an online yoga school you can enjoy, feel free to discover the many options out there that would suit your taste. Namaste!

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