Why I Like Using Handmade Paper for Art

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Since I went on a hiatus sometime early this year, I stopped buying calligraphy materials, and art stuff in general—and boy did I miss it! Just last month, I fixed up my site and started reshooting the photos for my posts. I’m going to officially relaunch next year (which is technically two weeks away), so I went ahead and immersed myself with the goings-on in the calligraphy world once again. One of the things I purchased from my haul is the Khadi handmade paper from Art Whale PH, and I didn’t expect to fall in love with them so much!

LOOK. AT. THOSE. The raw edges, softness, and terrific quality are unparalleled—not being biased to Khadi since they’re the first brand I tried, but I think I can speak for all handmade papers when I say they’re unmatched in their raw, delicate beauty. I don’t just paint on these babies; I do calligraphy on them as well. Pointed pen is challenging, but it still produces amazing results!
Paper: Khadi A6 | Paint: FineTec | Nib: vintage | Holder: The Curious Artisan
Paper: Khadi A4 | Paint: Van Gogh and FineTec | Nib: Brause Steno | Holder: The Curious Artisan
Paper: Khadi Square | Paint: FineTec | Pen: Pentel Touch in Black | Brush: The Craft Central

Okay, so this last one wasn’t technically done on the Khadi paper, but I just wanted to show you how plain beautiful it is. *sigh*

I’ve been playing around with them since I got my hands on them, and I can’t wait to start offering them in custom event stationery (like weddings!) because they’re just sooo pretty. What are some other brands of handmade paper that you’ve tried? I’d love to know!


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