My 5 Favorite Nibs for Calligraphy

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I went on an oooh-I’ll-try-this-nib frenzy for a long time. And while I’m still excited to try new nibs, after a bunch of purchases, I can say I’ve tamed down and narrowed my selection to a handful of favorites. This list is in no particular order since the tool I want to use varies on what kind of style I’m going for on any given day.

So, without further ado, here are my top nibs for calligraphy!

A Roundup of My Favorite Nibs for Calligraphy

1. Brause 66 EF

Also called Arrow, this tiny fellow is impressive in creating thick and thins! If you plan on using this with an oblique holder, make sure you have an adjustable or small flange.

2. Brause Steno

Also called Brause 361 or Blue Pumpkin, it has a relatively bigger ink storing capacity and is less likely to snag on paper. I prefer this over the Hiro 40 (not to be confused with Hiro 41, which is in this list too) by miles. This doesn’t create large swells, though.


3. Nikko G

The King of the G nibs, in my opinion. It becomes more flexible over time and is easy to control. Sharp and gives ultra-thin hairlines. I’ve tried Tachikawa G and Zebra G, and they’re terrific too!


4. Blanzy 2552

Arguably the most popular vintage nib out there, and rightly so! It’s very similar to the Baignol & Farjon Velleda 2436 EF. This one’s just sharper and a teeny bit stiffer, which calls for more control.

5. Hiro 41

Also called Crown, this nib is smooth to write with, and you can create giant letters with it. I love to use this when I’m in the mood to start with drills! In the photo below, I didn’t apply too much pressure. The downstrokes can go a bit thicker than that.


What about you, what’s your favorite nib? Or maybe we have the same one? Let me know in the comments below!


P.S. Besides my fave nibs for calligraphy, I shared more of my art must-haves. You can check out my favorite brush pens and recommended calligraphy paper for more info.

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