20 Best Guided Meditation Tracks for Sleep, Anxiety, and Stress

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I started my meditation practice four years ago, and it’s created a positive impact in my life. Like most beginners, I preferred guided meditation over sitting still and observing my thoughts. Sometimes, I just needed soothing words to bring me back to the present moment.

Until now, guided meditation is a reliable way for me to center myself whenever I’m feeling restless or worried. And because of these uncertain times we’re living in, I thought of sharing tracks that can hopefully help bring peace for you, too.

To diversify this list, I asked meditators on Reddit to name their favorite meditation teachers on Insight Timer (free app). Coupled with plenty of exposure over the years, I’ve gathered some of the best guided meditation for sleep, anxiety, and stress. Namaste.

By Sarah Blondin

Sarah Blondin’s Live Awake podcast has been a beacon in my life. She has a way of weaving words together that just tugs at my heartstrings, and has a soothing and gentle voice to match. I’ve cried to her tracks a few times, and they always soothe me when my thoughts start racing.

1. Learning to Surrender – For slowly letting go of control, worries, and fears, and reminding yourself that life is unfolding as it should.

2. Accepting Change – For assisting yourself in accepting “what is” rather than dwelling in the “what if” during times of change.

3. A Walk in Nature – For connecting with nature in a beautiful visualization and sensory guided meditation for sleep.

By Jennifer Piercy

I learned about Yoga Nidra at a yoga class, and I’ve fallen in love with it since! On nights when I find it hard to sleep, I listen to practically any of Jennifer Piercy’s Yoga Nidra sessions. She has quite a few under her profile, and they are all very calming and relaxing.

4. Yoga Nidra for Sleep – For a full and simple body scan to help you release tension and relax as you get ready to fall asleep.

5. Healing Darkness for Sleep – For embracing darkness and fighting fear at night. (Note: This is 30 minutes long and I never make it to the end—I fall asleep!)

By Tara Brach

Tara Brach is not just one of the most popular international meditation teachers out there; she also has a Ph.D. in psychology and has written inspiring self-help books. It was tough to choose just a few of her tracks to include here as she regularly updates her podcast, so I suggest you give them a listen too.

6. Coming Home to Being – For reconnecting with yourself and appreciating the things that make you feel alive and human.

7. Breath and Awareness – For a simple yet effective way to be mindful of the breath—the foundation of meditation. Great guided meditation for anxiety.

8. Opening to the Waves – For grounding yourself back to earth and filling yourself with loving kindness.

By davidji

davidji is an acclaimed meditation teacher and stress management expert, with international merits to his name. Once you listen to any of his tracks, you’ll quickly get hypnotized with his voice. They don’t refer to him as the Velvet Voice of Stillness for nothing! If you like the ones below, check his profile for more.

9. Deep Healing – For a thorough body scan aiming to release physical, emotional, and mental tension.

10. My Morning Practice – For those who want to try davidji’s morning meditation practice. Start your day right!

11. Getting Unstuck – For overcoming blockages and the feeling of being trapped. A gentle reminder that being stuck isn’t always a bad thing.

By Kenneth Soares

Kenneth Soares has a lot of deep sleep and affirmation meditations under his profile, all of which can easily put a smile on whoever listens. There’s just something so relatable and approachable with his tracks. He holds live streams on his YouTube channel too.

12. Let Go of Fear, Worries, and Anxiety – For those who want to take the first step in releasing toxic patterns of fear and worry.

13. Detach from Overthinking: Healing & Cleansing Negative Energy – For those who want to break from the unhealthy pattern of overthinking. (Aren’t we all guilty of this?)

14. Deep Sleep Guided Meditation – For those who take longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep, enjoy this relaxing hour-long guided sleep meditation class. (Note: He has even longer sessions on his profile.)

By Meg James

Meg James brings a modern touch to some of the ancient practices of meditation—perfect if you want something simple yet effective. Her no-nonsense yet gentle classes are sure to bring light to your days.

15. Time to Unwind – For letting go of the day so far and detaching yourself from responsibilities.

16. Release Stress and Pressure – For gently releasing stress and tension from your mind and body.

17. Soothe an Anxious Mind – For quieting worries and anxieties and soothing you back to reality.

By Andy Hobson

Andy Hobson’s guided meditation classes are all very gentle and easy to follow. He has a diverse offering, with nature-inspired meditation tracks, soothing instrumental music, and kids meditation sessions too. So if you’ve wanted to share the magic of meditation with your young ones, now you can.

18. Mountain Meditation – For releasing built up stress and tension; nature-inspired and light adventure.

19. Breath, Body, Sounds, and Thoughts – For those who want a straightforward approach to meditation and awareness practice.

20. You’re Perfect – For parents and kids to bond over a short yet beautifully narrated guided meditation on confidence and self-esteem.

20 Best Guided Meditation Tracks for Sleep, Anxiety, and Stress

If you have tracks you want to share, please don’t hesitate to comment it below. 🙂


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