6 Practical Ways to Awaken and Sharpen Your Intuition

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How do you really know if you’ve got intuition?

I used to think I wasn’t intuitive. But over time, as I opened myself up to esoteric practices, I’ve come to realize that everyone has intuition—it might just be dormant for you right now. The good news is, you can practice enough to get it to “wake up”!

For some people, intuition is innate. It’s strong and always has been there. For others, it can take a bit more work to get it to where you want it to be. Take singing, for example. Some people are born with exceptional voices, while others can hold a tune but need voice lessons to improve the skill. Intuition is the same.

I never thought I’d be able to give online Tarot readings to other people. But here I am! Take it from me, fellow muggles. You can be (and probably are) intuitive too. Below are some ways to awaken your intuition and sharpen this skill.

1. Meditation is key

I have to say that I owe it to yoga for allowing me to tap into my intuitive side. When teachers tell you to observe your thoughts or listen to your body, that really sticks with you. You start bringing that out of the mat and become aware of signals that your body is giving off when you’re feeling good or bad.

Woman practicing meditation to strengthen intuition

In that sense, yoga is a form of moving meditation. But if you’re not into the asanas, you can go for the traditional route. There are even guided sessions that are great for beginners tackling breath and body awareness. For those who want a less conventional approach, there’s also writing meditation. There are many ways to get into that state of observing your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Once you start to tune in internally, you’ll see how it plays a big role in being receptive to intuitive messages.

2. Listen to your body

Echoing this quintessential yoga class cue into the list, listening to your body is crucial. There’s a reason why they call your intuition the gut feeling. I learned the light versus heavy concept from an energy healer. You know those times when you’re undecided between two choices, and one feels light, while the other option feels heavy? That’s what you should zero in on. Our bodies are sometimes way more intelligent than our minds, and our instincts also protect us. Intuition can tell you what choice feels light—not to be confused with taking the easy way out.

3. Journal your thoughts

It would be great to have a place to write your thoughts and feelings about what comes up for you after a meditation session or even an intuitive message you received that day. If you have dreams, regardless of how vivid or not, record any details you remember. This will help you distinguish what your thought patterns are versus the moments your intuition kicks in.

Person journaling their thoughts to sharpen intuition

If you’re feeling creative, you can throw in some scrapbooking and decorative elements here. Sometimes, unleashing your creative side can also be a way to channel intuitive messages on paper. But if you feel like a neat and organized notebook serves you better, by all means, stick with what makes you feel comfortable.

4. Believe in yourself

Second-guessing yourself every time you “think” you are following your intuition will hurt more than help in the long run. Intuition is not meant to be logical. It’s those moments where you have a hunch that this or that would happen, and all of a sudden, it clicks and does happen. If you keep brushing things off, you might slow your progress.

And hey, it’s all right not to get things correctly all the time with your intuition. Knowing what you nailed versus what you didn’t can further give you an insight if it was a projection or thought pattern versus your intuition.

This is the importance of the journaling point above, too. Keeping a record can help you learn from what works and what doesn’t for you. There’s no single way to receive an intuitive message, so trust yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment!

5. Approach things calmly

Anxiety and panic don’t go well with trying to listen to your intuition. It could even prevent you from receiving any message at all, especially when you start to overthink things. That’s because our cognitive mind isn’t really in charge of our intuitive mind, and anxiety can block your body from feeling anything else other than overall unease.

If you’re feeling extreme emotions, then things might be a bit cloudy for a while. Be careful not to confuse your intense feelings with intuition. So, let’s say, if you were grieving over the loss of a friendship or the passing of a pet, it’s understandable to relax and take a breather. Nurse your feelings first, and get back to a calm state of mind before you act or make decisions.

6. Get a Tarot or Oracle deck

I’m totally biased for suggesting this, but if you’re up for it, this could be fun! Getting a Tarot or Oracle deck can help you read messages intuitively when you describe what the artwork is communicating to you. If you want to challenge yourself further, you can even get ones without keywords. When choosing a deck, it’s important for you to connect with the artwork on the cards. There are tons of beautiful decks out there, and you will discover that you can appreciate something aesthetically without it connecting with it intuitively.

Woman shuffling Oracle cards

A simple exercise would be to do one-card pulls every day. Then, write down the card’s meaning in your journal without consulting the guidebook that’s usually included in a deck. You don’t need to compare it against what the guidebook said either. Try to be at peace with the message you received from the card, and work with that message for the day.

Maybe you can revisit the card and the message you assigned to it in the evening and continue to journal other feelings that might have come up. It’s surprising how insightful this exercise can get.

Exercising Your Intuition Is a Process

Feeling like it’s a lot to handle? Don’t be discouraged. It took me three years to develop my intuition to a level where I’m comfortable giving Tarot readings to other people—and even then, I have a long ways to go. Even if this isn’t your goal, it will still take a while. Remember the voice lesson analogy I said earlier? It won’t take one class to awaken and strengthen your intuition. It’s going to take commitment, just like any other sport or skill you want to hone.

Don’t punish yourself for not getting to practice every single day. Take it easy and surrender to the process. Being patient definitely has its rewards!

If you want to get an intuitive Tarot reading from me, book a session, and I’ll get back to you when we can do this!

Content marketer by day | Yogi, Tarot card reader, and travel junkie the rest of the time at flowwithfoti.com ॐ

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